Activities and Tours

There is no finer journey than the one that leads you to paradise for land and sea activities.
The fish are more colorful, the coral reefs are brighter, the water is clearer and the sandy beaches are just spectacular! Land based activities are just as popular in Nassau/ Paradise Island. SUNBOUND has partnered with a few of the finest restaurants and venues to offer customized experiences such as cigar rolling, high end wine tasting and cheese pairing, luxury rum tasting, guest participation in the making of Chocolate in a self functioning chocolate factory and up-scale culinary experiences at the world known Graycliff Restaurant.

Providing activities for groups
In order for SUNBOUND to offer the best quality excursion service, we require staff assistance for all exclusive and non-exclusive tours reserved. For all exclusive activities that are booked in advance, costs included are signage, radio communication, gratuities, meet and greet staff to dispatch and/or accompany guests when necessary and confirming the advancement of excursions booked.